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Horse racing betting syndicates - Win together with Colossus Bets and Racing Tips

Racing Tips Staff 26 Oct 2018

Here’s everything you need to know about signing up, betting and winning when you sign up to Colossus Bets and buy into our Racing Tips syndicate tickets.

With the recognised home of pools betting now closed, pools punters will be looking for new ways to place their favourite form of bet. If you’re a fan of pools betting, or sports betting in general, Colossus Bets is the place to be!

Colossus Bets is a pool betting product offering sports jackpots, with the British Racing section of their website opening at midnight on Thursday. Players place bets into our pools for a chance to win (or share with other winners) the jackpot prizes.

Colossus pools have modernised the traditional form of pool betting. Colossus offer guaranteed jackpot prizes, consolations and cash out offers allowing players to sell all or part of their tickets as the pool progresses.

In partnership with Colossus Bets, Racing Tips will now be offering racing Syndicates. Our team of tipsters will, on a regular basis, compile a ticket covering the big races being staged that day. We will then share details of the ticket via @racingtips on twitter, allowing our readers to buy into our horse racing syndicate!

New Player Bonus

If you’re signing up with Colossus Bets today, enter the promo code RACINGTIPS and not only will you receive a FreePlay into a Solo Jackpot, but you'll also get this fantastic New Player Bonus. 

Colossus Bets will match the value of your first 72 hours of play up to £100 (or currency equivalent). 

Please note, the maximum amount of bonus funds that can be awarded is £100. Bonus Funds may be used to fund any bet onsite and Colossus Bets automatically use bonus funds to stake bets ahead of cash. 

Bets can be placed with a combination of bonus funds and cash. Funds may take up to 3 working days to be credited to your account, and you have 12 months to use them.

How To Join A Syndicate

Joining a Syndicate means that you are investing in the selections that were put together by Racing Tips.

To join a Racing Tips Syndicate, simply…
  1. Log into your Colossus Bets account
  2. Click on the “Racing” tab on the menu bar towards the top left corner of the homepage
  3. Click “Join A Syndicate”, next to the “Play Now” button within the graphics banner
  4. Find the ticket with the words “Racing Tips” contained in the title and the Racing Tips image beside the ticket
The amount you win is dependent on how much you invest: Invest £2.40 in a £24.00 Syndicate; you own 10% of any cash outs and dividends. Invest £6.00 in a £120.00 Syndicate; you own 5% of any cash outs and dividends.

Our tickets will be easy to find and we will promote all syndicates via our twitter page. If the ticket hasn’t been 100% funded, you’re welcome to join. You’re free to buy in for as little, or as much as you like, with £0.20 being the minimum investment allowed.

What Happens Next?

If the Syndicate is not filled (100% complete) when the pool kicks off, your contributions towards the Syndicate are automatically refunded into your account.

Once in-play, Racing Tips’ captain will be able to cash out after a certain number of legs.

The Syndicate will now appear in your ‘My Tickets’ page, where you can see the progress of the Syndicate filling up. You can also, choose to contribute more or share it to remind twitter followers that you are in the Syndicate.

All the information you need will appear on your ticket and any cash-outs are listed. Any cash-outs and dividends are immediately deposited into your account as they happen.

So, if you’re looking to continue betting on the pools and want to buy into one of Racing Tips syndicates, sign up with Colossus Bets and we can WIN TOGETHER!

Thursday 26th July Racing Tips Syndicates

> Pick 6 at Newbury <

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Horse racing betting syndicates - Win together with Colossus Bets and Racing Tips

Here’s everything you need to know about signing up, betting and winning when you sign up with Colossus Bets and buy into our Racing Tips syndicates.

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