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Banker double racing tips

Racing Tips Staff 20 May 2016

It is a term commonly heard in horse racing circles, as well as in other sports such as football, and the ‘Banker double’ is a popular bet for punters to follow.

Banker doubles can cover more than one sport, and the bet is made up of a punter’s two best bets of the day. It can cover a horse race, a football match, a darts match or pretty much any sport imaginable and involves two selections to win their respective contests in order to return a payout. Punters analyse free horse racing tips and NAP horse racing tips to pick out their best selections.

Banker double tips can be found in plenty of places, such as print media, TV broadcasts and online portals such as; with the most common make-up of banker double tips coming from a tipster’s NAP selection coupled with their next-best selection, which is often symbolised by the abbreviated version ‘NB’.

Placing two selections in a double bet can dramatically increase a punters’ returns, certainly a good deal more than if betting each selection individually; and the double bet remains one of the most popular bets that many punters will dabble with.

Although a double involves two selections, it is just one bet where both selections must win in order for the bet to return a payout. If either selection loses, the bet is lost and there is no return. Depending on the sport, doubles can be placed with an each-way element, thus making the bet into two bets – and so doubling the unit stake – and providing a greater chance of success for the bet.

However, banker doubles usually involve shorter-priced selections and so the place (or each-way) element, even though it may win, could still yield a loss. It is worth remembering also that in an each-way double should one selection win and the other only place, punters will only receive the place return. The win part of the bet has been unsuccessful.

In honesty, when it comes to banker double tips, it is likely not to be worthwhile placing the bet with an each-way element as the likely prices are in probability going to be too short to guarantee a profit from such, and betting the banker double to win is the best course of action.

Most newspaper tipsters provide banker double tips in the shape of a NAP selection and also next best selection. While some will provide these across the day’s horse racing action, others will provide a NAP selection and a next best selection on a meeting-by-meeting basis.

Of course banker double tips don’t need to be made on that day’s sporting action, be it horse racing or football or whichever sport; and some banker doubles can involve selections well into the future. For example, Faugheen’s 2015 Champion Hurdle success was the cornerstone of many punters’ banker double at that year’s Cheltenham Festival and plenty of punters would likely have been on Willie Mullins’ star as part of several Cheltenham Festival banker doubles well ahead of time ahead of the event. 

For punters looking for free banker double tips, RacingTips’ staff writers provide regular banker doubles throughout the week’s horse racing action for punters to take interest in, often featuring the best races of the week, including at weekends where the bulk of the best racing occurs. 

Our banker doubles are meticulously analysed and planned to give punters the best possible chance of backing a winner, and while they may not always win, backers can be assured of a big run for their money.

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Banker double racing tips

It is a term commonly heard in horse racing circles, as well as in other sports such as football, and the ‘Banker double’ is a popular bet for punters to follow.

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