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Each-way horse racing tips

Brian Healy 20 May 2016
Frankie Dettori riding Golden Horn to Epsom Derby victory.

Betting on horse racing isn’t just about finding the winner of a race in order to generate a return, and punters can increase their chances of taking some cash from the bookmakers’ satchels by betting each-way on their selection, rather than solely to win.

Each-way betting is one of the most popular ways to cover one or more selections throughout a day of horse racing, and it can yield definite value for punters when it comes to looking for alternatives to short-priced favourites.  Punters analyse free horse racing tipsbanker double racing tips and NAP horse racing tips to pick out their best selections.

With the single bet – one selection – the most common way to bet on a horse, betting each-way tips the scales slightly more in favour of the punter, as each-way betting provides some insurance against a selection losing by generating a return if the selection finishes in the places.
Betting each-way can be a good strategy for longer-priced fancies who boast good chances of making the frame. There’s few things worse in betting a long-shot to win and it being caught on the line to lose out, so knowing when to use and bet each-way racing tips the balance in favour of the punter and increases their chances of a payout.

Each-way betting essentially is made up by two elements. There is the win-part of the bet, and also the place-part of the bet. This causes a punters’ stake to be doubled, so if he or she were placing a £10 each-way bet, the total staked would be £20, as they are betting £10 on the win as well as £10 on the place.

The prices of a selection before each-way betting kicks in is down to punter preference, along with the each-way terms on offer. Not all races have each-way possibilities, and the terms offered by bookmakers vary according to the type of race and the number of runners.
In races where there are four runners or less, there is no each-way betting available, and any selections must win.

For races where runners number between five and seven runners, each-way betting is available on the first and second to finish the race, with quarter-odds returned.

In races where eight runners or more race, the each-way terms pay out on the first three past the post, with one-fifth odds returned. There are exceptions though if the race is a handicap, and for handicap races of 12-15 runners, the odds return in quarter-odds, not one-fifth.
However, in handicaps of 16 runners or more, the bookmakers will pay out on the first four places at one-quarter odds. In some events, such as the Grand National, enhanced each-way terms could see payouts down to five and even six places depending on the bookmaker.

For some punters, each-way betting can kick in at relatively low prices, such as 3/1 or 7/2 with the logic that while the horse stands a good chance of winning, and thus activating the win-part of an each-way bet , covering the places limits a punters’ losses should it fail to win.

For others, each-way betting is used only when a place would guarantee the punter at least covers their outlay, or generates a small profit, and many believe betting each-way on horses where reaching a place would incur a loss is not worthwhile.

Each-way betting can be used on multiples also, and is not just restricted to singles. A Lucky 31 for example is 31 win bets, but placed each-way it becomes 62 bets and increases the chances of a return for the punter.

Punters can greatly benefit from placing each-way bets shrewdly as doing so not only provides some insurance over the bet’s stake should a selection finish in the frame, but on bigger odds selections can turn a tidy profit despite the selection failing to win. Of course, if it does win then happy days indeed!

Bear in mind though, that each-way terms can be reduced if the number of runners in a race changes through non-runners; even if a bet is struck when a race-field has eight runners, if there is a non-runner prior to the race then the place payout will drop to two places. Even if a horse makes it to the start and then doesn’t run, it can affect the each-way terms available. provides daily each-way racing tips and selections that can be backed either to win or backed on each-way terms, in singles and multiples, with the best odds on offer from all the top bookmakers.

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