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Lucky 15 horse racing tips

Racing Tips Staff 20 May 2016

We have lucky 15 horse racing tips and expert selections for all of our readers.

For most punters, the challenge of finding one winner is tricky enough, but for those of you confident/brave/foolish enough to think they have found more than one winner on the day’s card, the Lucky 15 might just be the betting strategy for you!

As the name would suggest, a Lucky 15 consists of 15 individual bets. The punter must make four selections (usually horses, but bookmakers also accept Lucky 15 bets on football, golf etc.). The 15 bets on these four selections are broken down into singles, doubles, trebles and a four-timer. 

The first part of the 15 individual bets are the four singles (A, B, C, D). With four selections, only six distinct combinations of two are possible (A+B, A+C, A+D, B+C, B+D, C+D). These form the basis for the six doubles. Four distinct groups of three selections are possible (A+B+C, A+B+D, A+C+D, B+C+D) – these make up the four trebles. Finally, the bet is rounded off with a speculative four-timer, which is where the real money is to be won!

The beauty of the doubles, trebles and four-timer is that the odds are multiplied for more than one winner. For example, if I have two winners at odds of 5/1 and 6/1, the odds of the double are actually 41/1. This is worked out by theoretically having £1 on at 5/1 (returning £6), then placing this £6 on the second horse at 6/1 (returning £36 + £6 stake = £42).

If the punter just has £1 on each horse in the example above, then the returns would be just £13, so you can see the benefits of doing them in a multiple bet very clearly.

Now let’s be honest, the chances of hitting four winners on a single afternoon are very slim, but the beauty of doing a Lucky 15 is that you don’t need all of the horses to win to get a very significant return. Even if just one horse wins, you will get a return on that single. If more than one horse wins, then you are into multiplying the odds territory, so any return will likely be significant.

There are plenty of different strategies when considering selections for Lucky 15 bets, but I think it is most effective when considering a number of horses in the 4/1 to 10/1 bracket as an each-way Lucky 15. Backing horses at these types of odds each way is normally not recommended due to the relatively small returns for the place part of the bet, but if three or four of the horses just manage a place, then the multiplication factor makes the returns very worthwhile (and that is very attractive when you consider you could make a nice few quid without even backing a winner!).

Another model many punters like is to pick on short-price ‘banker’, two horses at medium odds (4/1 to 10/1), and one horse at crazy odds thrown in to make it a life-changing return. Many bookmakers also offer special concessions on Lucky 15 bets done in the betting shops, with ‘treble odds for one winner’ being a common marketing ploy. One note of caution however is in relation to writing odds down on the betting docket – generally bookmakers do not operate their ‘best odds guaranteed’ offers on multiple bets such as this one.

A £1 Lucky 15 will cost £15 to do (15 individual bets), but smaller stakes are also accepted. No matter the strategy you decide on, doing a Lucky 15 type bet is a great way of giving you an interest in four separate races with the chance of winning a big sum of money for a relatively small outlay.

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Lucky 15 horse racing tips

We have lucky 15 horse racing tips and expert selections for all of our readers.

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