Irish Horse Racing Betting

Irish horse racingIrish horse racing

It’s one of the most popular racing venues across the world, providing some of the most entertaining action and thrill throughout the calendar. Yes, we’re talking about Ireland and Irish horse racing betting in particular.

Our expert Racing Tips writers will be churning out informed betting previews to match the competitive odds on offer by the dozen.

And if that wasn’t enough to compel, Racing Tips will also be introducing an international live streaming service that’ll make you feel as if you’ve been transported to the Punchestown Festival, all from the comfort of your home – with the added bonus of live, in-play and recovery bets.

Punchestown Irish horse racing betting

Punchestown in all it’s beauty…

Take your pick of races to wager on, from the compelling Ledgers to the 2,000 Guineas, the popular Irish Grand National at Punchestown and all other flat races (female and male) – we’ll have the latest Irish horse racing betting content published and at your disposal with a few clicks.

The biggest flat race of them all – the Irish Derby – will also be covered by Racing Tips, with a whole host of promotions and betting offers on the table.

Historically, this particular race has provided three fabulous days of action and entertainment, with evening meetings and night parties drawing in crowds from all over the world. And despite the current potential postponements and cancellation issues, the governing bodies will be aiming to air this year’s festival as openly as possible.

Combine all these things – also available in our Hong Kong, US, South Africa and Australian horse racing betting pages – and you get a hub of Irish horse racing betting action – and international horse racing action – unlike any other.

Who could say no to that? So, buckle up, strap in, and get your Irish racing fix right here with Racing Tips, all at the push of a button.