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If you’ve got a burning question that’s yet to be answered on all-things Royal Ascot 2022, well you’re in luck, because Racing Tips’ very own FAQ page will satiate all your queries and curiosities. We’ve looked through all the frequently answered questions to ensure that you’re all clued up before the action at Berkshire unfolds.

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 What is Royal Ascot?

Royal Ascot is a five-day horse racing festival that takes place annually in June. It’s one of the most prestigious horse racing events in the world and matches the Cheltenham Festival – the pinnacle of the jump-racing season – stride for stride.

 When is Royal Ascot 2022?

Royal Ascot 2020 is set to take place between Tuesday 14th June, to Saturday 18th June, featuring all the big Group One races.

Where is Royal Ascot held?

The festival is held in East Berkshire on the Ascot racecourses, courtesy of Queen Elizabeth’s legislation enforced in 1711.

What time do the gates open for Royal Ascot?

From April to November, the action at Berkshire sees the gates open at 10:45am, though this can be pushed back to 11am, maximum.

What is the best day to go to Royal Ascot?

The common answer is Thursday – day three of the action – as it features the highly anticipated Gold Cup – Ascot’s oldest surviving race, and a favourite of the Queen. However, the Tuesday, day one, features three Group 1 contests, the most of any day, while Saturday will feature the Platinum Jubilee Stakes, run in that name for the first time to celebrate Her Majesty’s 70 years on the throne.

What is the oldest race in Royal Ascot History?

Ascot’s oldest surviving race is the Gold Cup, which first graced the tracks of Berkshire back in 1807, thanks to parliamentary changes that gave Ascot the prestige and independence to hail the race as one of England’s finest.

Where Can I Watch Royal Ascot 2022?

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to watch the action at Berkshire, despite the fact that it may not be an open event. For starters, ITV coverage of the five days will be comprehensive, and feature every single one of the 35 races on show.

However, there are also live streaming options to peruse. Indeed, major bookmakers, such as Bet365, Paddy Power and William Hill offer such services when you sign up and register. These streams can be accessed across devices, so no matter where you are, you’ll never miss a single moment of the thrilling racing action.

What are the hospitality options at Royal Ascot 2022?

Expect the best of services at one of the most prestigious events and locations in the world. This includes a three or four-course luncheon, award-winning afternoon teas, a selection of complimentary fine wines, and much more. Indeed, whether you choose a contemporary restaurant or opt for a more relaxed evening, you’ll be in for a fine-dining experience like no other, with top-notch racing and plenty of Ascot free bets to match.

How much do Royal Ascot tickets cost?

This is entirely dependent on the enclosure you’re in, with prices ranging between £26, all the way through to £85 and over.

Can children attend Royal Ascot 2022?

Children can attend the racing however age plays a big factor. If the child is under 10, they are given free admittance, though they must be supervised at all times. However, children 10-17 have to pay a small fee, meanwhile, children 18 and over must purchase an adult ticket.

What’s the best enclosure at Royal Ascot?

There are four enclosures in total to review, though the Royal Enclosure is restricted to public access. The other three offer their own perks. Indeed, while the Windsor Enclosure provides a great view of the racetrack and offers a variety of eatery kiosks, the Village Enclosure has a more eclectic, celebratory feel, creating the perfect Ascot atmosphere for various Ascot tips. The Queen Anne Enclosure, however, covers the concourse level of the Grandstand, gifting people with trackside viewing and access to the Parade Ring, making it a popular public venture.

Is there seating at Royal Ascot?

The seating in all three enclosures operates on a first-come-first-serve basis, so make sure you’re nice and early when the gates open at 10:45am and clinch the perfect spot to view the racing action.

What is the dress code for Royal Ascot?

The dress code at Royal Ascot is a sartorial one, with outfits intended to represent the prestigious nature of the event.

As such, it’s no surprise that there is a strict limit on what you can and cannot wear. This differs for each enclosure. For instance, in the Royal Enclosure, men are required to wear a black or grey morning dress, matched with a black or grey waistcoat, top hat, and black shoes, whether they’re cashing in on Ascot tips or not.

Meanwhile, ladies are asked to wear formal, yet modest, dresses, which excludes strapless or halter neck dresses, despite the fact that men are allowed to wear ‘playful ties’. However, they must also wear hats to cover their hair.

In contrast, in the Queen Anne Enclosure, these rules are more relaxed, with men permitted to wear shirts, while ladies are allowed to wear trousers.