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Greyhound Nap of the Day

  • 24/03/2020
  • 16:58

Greyhound Daily Double

  • 24/03/2020
  • 16:48

Greyhound Lucky 15

  • 24/03/2020
  • 14:42

Today’s Greyhound Tips

For decades greyhound racing was one of the most popular spectator sports in Britain with thousands of spectators packing into the stands to watch some of the fastest animals on four legs strut their stuff. The halcyon days of Ballyregan Bob and Westmead Hawk may be long gone but greyhound betting could be in for a rejuvenation with horse racing in Britain currently suspended.

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Our top team of analysts at has been providing top-quality greyhound betting advice for at least ten years and they take pride in the strength of their information and the quality of their greyhound racing tips We have tips from every greyhound meeting every day from the Bags races during the day to the best of the Open Races each evening, and we’ll post our best bets on the site every day

Live Greyhound Racing Streams

Most bookmaker sites in Britain enable you to watch all greyhound races but some bookmakers require you to place a small bet with them in order for you to watch. Below is a list of bookmakers who offer racing live streaming:

  • William Hill – watch every race for free with Betting TV
  • Bet365 – place a bet of 50p win or 25p each-way to view the race
  • Betfred – place a bet of £1 or more to watch
  • Ladbrokes – place a bet of £1 or more to watch
  • Paddy Power – place a bet of £1 or more to watch
  • 888sport – Stake at least £1 or 50p each-way to watch the race

Types of Greyhound Bets

Fans of horse racing will be mainly used to win and each-way betting and multiple bets suchas the lucky 15, but there are a wider range of bets available on each and every greyhound racing, so newcomers to greyhound racing betting should check out the following bets:


This is one bet on one dog to win the race. Normally it’s possible to request a price at which your bet will be settled at regardless of the dog’s final price or you can bet at starting price (SP)


These greyhound racing bets can also be made with a price taken price or at SP but the wager consists effectively of two bets, one on the dog to win and one on the dog to place. Your total stake then becomes twice your unit stake (£5 each way costs £10). Due to there usually being just six dogs in a race, bookmakers only pay out on two places on dog races. Place terms are normally a quarter of the odds so if you want to make money on an each-way bet if your dog is placed then you must select a dog priced at 4/1 or bigger

Straight forecast

This bet is one of greyhound racing’s key wagers and it requires you to select the two dogs to finish first and second in the right order. This bet is popular as returns tend to be larger than for win-only bets

Reverse forecast

This is virtually identical to a straight forecast but in this instance the two dogs selected must fill the first two places in any order for you to win. Like an each-way bet, a reverse forecast is two bets, so your total layout will be twice the unit stake (a £5 RFC is £10).

Combination forecast

A combination forecast (CFC) is a reverse forecast on three or more selections. Usually, three dogs are selected in this bet and they can fill the first two spots in any order. A three-dog greyhound racing combination forecast totals six bets, so a £5 CFC will cost £30.

Straight tricast

A straight tricast (STC) means you have to select the dogs who finish first, second or third in the correct order. This bet is offten popular with small-staking punters as returns can be huge for a relatively tiny layout.

Combination tricasts

To win a combination tricast (CTC) you need to pick at least three dogs to fill the first three places home in any order.. A three-dog combination tricast is six bets, so a £1 CTC with three dogs would cost you £6, while a combination tricast with four dogs would be 24 bets

Multiple bets

Greyhound racing punters love accas, trixies. patents, yankees, lucky 15s/31s/63s are available with most bookmakers on greyhound racing.