Virtual Horse Racing

virtual horse racingvirtual horse racing

Amidst another hectic racing calendar, chock-full of postponed races, action behind closed doors, and travel restrictions, virtual horse racing has become the next best thing for fans and punters alike to delve into.

Fortunately, here at Racing Tips, we’ve got some comprehensive information to ensure that you’re all clued up ahead of the virtual action – as well as the best betting insight on hand to make sure you emerge with cash in hand.

So, without further ado…

How Does Virtual Horse Racing Work?

Virtual horse racing aims to mimic the real thing as closely as possible, down to the race venue, the number of horses, and bookmaker odds on offer.

There are a few differences, such as the fact that there are never any non-runners, cancellations, or bad weather. However, this only serves to add to the appeal to many fans and punters alike.

Races take place all day every day, with the action kicking off every few minutes; for those looking to place a wager, a few seconds can be the difference between snapping up some fantastic odds and missing out on the favorite.

The results of virtual horse racing, however, are completely random and generated by a computer, which means that there can never be any manipulation.

One final point to note is that the odds are always fixed, which means the bookmaker is always in control and has an edge over those placing bets. Yet, there are still many ways to come up with the goods on the betting forefront, whether it’s horse racing or virtual greyhounds.

For instance…

How To Bet On Virtual Horse Racing

virtual horse racing

The action kicks into fifth gear quickly…

As mentioned before, the bookie has the edge over the odds in all of the races, yet this needn’t mean you can’t place any bets or come in with a betting strategy.

It’s important to have a wagering buffer in mind before you kick off the betting action. You’ll then want to compare the odds across all eight horses and work out the favorites, as well as how much money you’ll be able to cash in from your initial stake.

From there on, it’s all drama and thrill, until the action ends in the space of a few minutes. Soon after, you’ll find out whether your pick has come true, or if you’ve missed on a betting win.

Fortunately, there are some betting tips to follow that we’ve outlined below for you to clue up on to ensure that you have the best chance of cashing in across the international horse racing scene.

Virtual Horse Racing Strategies To Follow

If you want to emerge victoriously in any and all virtual horse racing ventures, you’ll want to follow the advice below. Why not apply the below to your own betting strategy?

  • Don’t try to research the horse’s previous form as it doesn’t exist – remember, this is a random, computer-generated scenario
  • don’t mentally confuse or associate real horse racing with virtual horse racing
  • do keep track of the time – races are short and fast, and over as quickly as they started
  • do pay attention to the odds across all eight horses before the races begin and keep an eye on the obvious favorite
  • do consider forecast or tricast bets for higher payouts
  • do prepare a stake/wagering buffer ahead of the races and consider how much to bet given that the odds are fixed and the bookmaker will have the edge.

Where To Watch Virtual Horse Racing

Fortunately, most online bookmakers – like Bet365 – offer virtual horse racing services. All you need to do is sign up through the registration page or welcome offer banner, confirm your personal and bank details, and you’ll be on your way to staking on all the digital action.

Some other bookies such as Unibet, also offer these live streaming racing and sport services too.

There won’t be any complicated forms or unnecessary payments needed – you’ll be free to wager and strategize to your heart’s content.